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About Dr. Avtar
Dr. Avtar Sidhu, “Dr. Avtar”, is the founder of Triune of Life Chiropractic in Carlsbad.

Born in northern India, Dr. Avtar moved to Canada’s Yukon Territory with his family when he was just a young boy. As a teenager, he was an avid athlete and ice hockey player, and like most athletes, he got more than his share of knocks. A series of seemingly minor injuries ultimately brought on symptoms that within the year had developed into nightly asthma attacks, sometimes causing him to cough up blood.

He never made the connection between the asthma attacks and his spinal trauma, but when he went away to college in Victoria, BC, he played ice hockey and once again hurt his spine, this time in the lumbar region. His roomate recommended that he visit a chiropractor. Dr. Avtar had no idea what a “chiropractor” was.

His first ever chiropractic adjustment, made by a man whose name he remembers to this day, did not relieve his lumbar pain immediately, but it did have a completely unlooked-for effect. When he went home that night, for the first time in four years, there was no nightly asthma attack.

Amazed, he went back to Dr. Michael Buna the next day and asked what the doctor had done that could possibly have stemmed his asthma attacks. Dr. Buna explained that while doing his exam, he found a couple of misaligned or “subluxated” vertebrae and by realigning them, restored proper nerve function to the lungs.

At the time, Dr. Avtar was studying engineering, but Dr. Buna, who became a sort of spiritual mentor to Dr. Avtar, pointed out that while engineering could offer him a profession, chiropractic was a spiritual path. Dr. Avtar was so impressed by what he had seen and experienced that he switched from engineering to basic pre-med in order to meet the prerequisites for chiropractic college. Over the course of the next four years, Dr. Avtar continued to get regular chiropractic adjustments and today, is completely free of asthma.

Dr. Avtar says he chose Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose, California, “because they had an ice hockey team”. It was only after he enrolled that he realized it was also the “best school for the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic”.

Originally, Dr. Avtar wanted to open a sports medicine clinic, but another series of stunning occurrences convinced him to change his path.

On one occasion, one of his members with a newborn baby came into his office. The baby was just 21 hours old but was only able to suckle on one side and his mother had become raw on that side. He was unable to turn his head to the other side to suckle. You might imagine the trepidation with which Dr. Avtar approached one so young! He says, “I went into my office and basically prayed that I would be guided to do what needed to be done.”

“I made the adjustment, and a moment later, the baby turned his head with ease to suckle on his other side. I was in awe of the fact that his mother had trusted me to help her child before she had gone to a medical doctor.”

“It was then that I decided that educating, enlightening and empowering people about preventive chiropractic had so much more to offer in the long run than trying to fix broken athletes.”

On another occasion, an injured contractor was carried into his office by two co-workers, one of whom was a member at Triune of Life. The contractor had bent to lift a heavy wheel barrow, and been unable to get up again. He was in excruciating pain and was unable to walk, but instead of rushing him to a hospital, his friend had insisted upon bringing him to someone he thought could actually help him.

The patient walked out of Dr. Avtar’s office on his own, and after several further adjustments, was able to walk comfortably and resume his life. Again, Dr. Avtar was impressed by the fact that in a critical situation, someone had chosen to come to him before consulting a conventional practitioner.

In another instance, a young man came in who had been told he was developing “exercise induced asthma”, and several adjustments later, the condition had completely disappeared.

Dr. Avtar has stressed that “Because of where I was born and how I was brought up, to achieve optimal health naturally rather than running to a doctor at every turn, I wanted to share my philosophy with others. I wanted to teach others to believe in the power of the body and its life force, rather than in the power of lotions and potions. That’s how Triune of Life was born.”

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